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When trying to lose weight, one of the hardest areas that many women struggle with is the area around the waist. For some people it may be related to genetics, and for others it is just plain stubborn fat. However, don’t throw in the towel yet. There are ways to help increase your success in burning away the fat for a healthier looking and feeling body.

Cardio One of your best fat burning tools is cardio. Cardio activities whether it be going for a walk or a hike on a nice day, or spending some time on the elliptical in the gym, are the quickest way to burn fat all over your body, including your belly. Cardio raises your heart rate causing your body to look to its fat storage for energy. The longer your heart rate is within the fat burning zone the more calories of fat you will burn away.

Diet Cutting your calorie intake and replacing processed foods and sugars with raw fruits, vegetables, and whole grains will quickly help melt away body fat. Opt for a diet that is balanced in healthy fats and carbohydrates and avoid diets that completely cut out important nutrients like no-carb diets. Cutting out essential nutrients and fibers only causes you to have more cravings as well as sets you up for a blood sugar dive. Do not cut your food intake below 1,500 calories. Especially if you are exercising regularly. This only sets you up to regain the fat around your belly when you finally realize that you can’t stay on that low of calorie diet.

Strength Training Targeting the muscles specifically around the belly, such as your abs and other core muscles, can give you a great advantage when it comes to losing belly fat. However, you should develop a routine that allows you to target all the muscles around your entire body for optimal fat burning. The muscles near your belly fat do not necessarily burn more belly fat than other muscles in your body. The body works as a whole to obtain its energy needs. The more you work all your muscles, the greater amount of fat you will burn overall, including the fat around your waistline.

Avoid Diet Pills

Diet pills and other supplements that claim to burn belly fat are not always the best option. These pills cause your body to rely on the pill to burn to increase your metabolism instead of your body’s natural abilities to increase the process. If you lose the weight naturally (which is very possible to do without the pills) your body will learn healthy fat burning habits for the future. Additionally, many supplements and fat burning pills can have harmful substances that can raise your blood pressure and cause blood sugar problems.

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